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Building an Image Library

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Building an image library

Did you know you can normally book our commercial photography services for a full day for probably less than you think.

So why not make the most of it? For modest additional expense on a image job you can begin to build a library of commercial photographs that you can use for many numerous purposes for very slight incremental cost.

For illustration, you’re putting together a press release and need some photographs of the Managing Director and Happy Customer. Well make the most of it, just with these two alone you’ve got lots of opportunity:

Both of them:

– “Grip & Grin”
– Informal chat with laughs shows how personal the client relationship is
– Showing customer around shop floor
– Helping customer decide which product to purchase
– Showing customer entire product range




MD on his own:

– Looking official (for annual report)
– Looking cheerful (for website)
– Looking casual (he’s a nice guy)
– Looking traditional (he’s a serious business man)
– Chatting with staff (he’s got a cheerful workforce)
– Standing or using product (knows what his business is about)

Happy Customer on his own:

– Using your product
– Discussing with staff.
– Selecting which product
– His old one which lasted 30 years

But then, just consider all the other opportunities ignoring these two:

– Headshots of staff for security, web-site, brochures, business cards
– Working images of staff, how dedicated they are
– Working pictures of factory / shop etc
– How the product is made
– What the product is used for
– How to use the product
– Other happy customers (or staff dressed up)
– Images of the office with logo & signs


The checklist only goes on, and of course you’ve got those pictures, so your website, your mailshots, your brochures, your adverts, next instance you need an photograph, you’ve got it to hand and without needing to call the photographer in again. Saving you time and money and enhancing your marketing. for more information call Tony on 01376 330322 or visit our commercial page here: https://tmphotography.co.uk/commercial/


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