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Fashion Photoshoot

You want to appear your best on your Fashion Shoot. You understand that the images will be seen by all your friends and family for many years. So we’ve collected some advice for you on beauty, fashion and photography.

1) Think about your hairstyle in advance. For our make-over photoshoots we normally suggest straight or curly for long hair but this always depends on the look you wish to achieve . You will have one of our in-house make-up and hair stylists do this for you, but it is fine to have an idea about what works for you.
2) Don’t do anything major immediately before the shoot. No extreme hair cuts or hair colouring. You don’t want to be in the position where you don’t like your new look.

3) Please no fake tans two weeks before your shoot. Fake tans need a long time to settle in. Recent fake tans do not come across very well in photographs.
4) You should avoid big or whacky accessories. They will tend to detract from you in the photographs. Simple but sophisticated accessories work much better.

5) Don’t forget the details, make certain your nails, locks and skin are all cared for. Drink plenty of water for the few days beforehand. Have a manicure close to the day. Don’t pick at spots, we will re-touch them away for you.

6) Make up works very differently in pictures compared to in real life. You will be treated by a professional make-up artist. She will make sure you appear your finest.

7) Have fun.

8) Everyone is different so wear outfits that reflect your personality. If you are sassy wear sexy outfits, if you are not sassy you can wear sophisticated dresses or urban looks etc.

9) Studio or location photography is a big decision depending on the look you wish to achieve. One of these images was taken in studio and the other on location, can you guess which ?

10) Seasonal changes also have to be a big part of the decision when to shoot, if you are after a lovely warm summer look with a flowing white dress in a field of blooming flowers you will not obviously get this in the winter, so think ahead.

For more information on our make-over fashion shoots or model portfolio’s please visit our pages here: https://tmphotography.co.uk/makeovers/  https://tmphotography.co.uk/headshots/