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Photographs for your business cards

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Photographs for your business cards

Photographs for your Business Cards

First question is should you or shouldn’t you?

My belief is that this is an under-used tactic, I suppose there’s a sort of British reserve that says its a bit vain to put your own face on a business card.

But, if you’re like me, you’ve got 1,000’s of cards and frankly I can’t put a appearance to most of them.

I think your photograph on a business card will help you stand out and be more memorable with the recipient of your card.

There’s also really powerful evidence that when your marketing materials present you as a individual you get a greater rate of return of your marketing.

For years Viking Direct (one of the biggest suppliers of office supplies in the UK) featured Roger Halford, the one time|owner of Viking, because it personalised the business.

Second question: formal or informal?

That’s going to depend on your business, for women that’s less of an issue, a single outfit can cover both bases. For men, it’s more complicated, with or without jacket, with or without tie. I think you have to position this in the context of your organisation and whether you want to present a more formal image or not.

If your style of business involves a specific work attire, let’s say a plumber, then use it. For more info on our Corporate headshot packages please call the studio on 01376 330322 or visit us here: https://tmphotography.co.uk/headshots/

For Actors & Models please view our portfolio page here: https://tmphotography.co.uk/modelling/ 

Regards  Tony

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