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Working With Children

Child Portrait Awards






We have photographed a lot of youngsters over the years and we like to think that we do it rather well.

One of the things our photographers have learned is how to make youngsters feel relaxed.

Every age is different and every youngster is different. Some will come bursting in looking forward to seeing you are organized for anything. Others might be a little more retiring and need some coaxing.

We will meet them at their level, chatting with them about what they like, what they have been doing and general getting them comfortable.

If it means playing about and acting the idiot we can do that. If it means taking everything a little slower and quieter then we can do that too.

For the first element of the session we will typically be photographing you and the kids together. This helps them feel okay and understand the process. They still have their Mum or Dad for moral support.

Pretty soon they will be happy and chilled and up for the whole photoshoot.

We know it’s working because so many youngsters remember us when they come back for their next shoot.

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Valentines Boudoir Treat

Boudoir photography Essex
Give the gift of yourself for Valentines
Explore your naughty side with a Boudoir photoshoot, Want something fun but naughty?
Exciting, glamorous and happy boudoir images for you and your partner to enjoy.

With  our boudoir photoshoot to include makeup and hair styling, you can have a terrific up to date, glamorous look.

Images for you, your wall, or something private for your partner.

You will have a makeover and hair styling in a modern approach for that fantastic and glamorous ever lasting look.

Boudoir photographyThis is followed by a photo session on our special sets, where you can be as naughty or nice as you want.

You choose how saucy you want your photographs to be, we’ll apply full airbrushing and retouching your shoot.

At your chilled viewing session you will be able to choose your complimentary A4 print and any additional prints, albums or digital images you want.

For more options on our Boudoir service please see here: https://tmphotography.co.uk/boudoir

Fashion Photoshoot

You want to appear your best on your Fashion Shoot. You understand that the images will be seen by all your friends and family for many years. So we’ve collected some advice for you on beauty, fashion and photography.

1) Think about your hairstyle in advance. For our make-over photoshoots we normally suggest straight or curly for long hair but this always depends on the look you wish to achieve . You will have one of our in-house make-up and hair stylists do this for you, but it is fine to have an idea about what works for you.
2) Don’t do anything major immediately before the shoot. No extreme hair cuts or hair colouring. You don’t want to be in the position where you don’t like your new look.

3) Please no fake tans two weeks before your shoot. Fake tans need a long time to settle in. Recent fake tans do not come across very well in photographs.
4) You should avoid big or whacky accessories. They will tend to detract from you in the photographs. Simple but sophisticated accessories work much better.

5) Don’t forget the details, make certain your nails, locks and skin are all cared for. Drink plenty of water for the few days beforehand. Have a manicure close to the day. Don’t pick at spots, we will re-touch them away for you.

6) Make up works very differently in pictures compared to in real life. You will be treated by a professional make-up artist. She will make sure you appear your finest.

7) Have fun.

8) Everyone is different so wear outfits that reflect your personality. If you are sassy wear sexy outfits, if you are not sassy you can wear sophisticated dresses or urban looks etc.

9) Studio or location photography is a big decision depending on the look you wish to achieve. One of these images was taken in studio and the other on location, can you guess which ?

10) Seasonal changes also have to be a big part of the decision when to shoot, if you are after a lovely warm summer look with a flowing white dress in a field of blooming flowers you will not obviously get this in the winter, so think ahead.

For more information on our make-over fashion shoots or model portfolio’s please visit our pages here: https://tmphotography.co.uk/makeovers/  https://tmphotography.co.uk/headshots/



1) Get In Close – it’s the faces you’re interested in, not the shoes. Fill the frame with the face or faces.

2) Keep it natural – don’t over-pose pictures – natural pictures are often the best ones. Keep your camera ready and take peoples pictures when they’ are not looking. This is especially true for children.

3) Get down with the kids: while your children are playing with the Christmas presents you want to be down on your knees or tummy photographing from their height.
Studio Christmas Photo
4) If you are posing to be in a photo – guys face square forward and look big. Girls should turn slightly sideways and kick the hip out for a more feminine shape.

5) If you’re a couple, girls should rest their head on the fella’s shoulder for a nice relaxed, but loving and joined portrait.

6) If you’re shooting one person, then put them off-center in the frame rather than bang in the middle – it makes a more interesting picture.

7) If you’re shooting a couple make sure your camera is not focusing down the gap in the middle of them – leaving you with an out of focus picture.

8) If you’re shooting three or more people, try and arrange the heads into a triangle, or a circle if there’s lots of people – this makes a much stronger composition.

9) Lots of Christmas pictures are taken at parties – but try and keep the drinks out of shot – they look messy and ruin many a good photo.

Studio Christmas Photoshoot10) If you can, try and shoot without flash – many new digital cameras can shoot in quite dark places without flash – the images will look much more natural.

11) If you have to use flash – see if your camera has a “night” mode – this will make sure your subject is properly lit, but will also show the background well too.

12) Backgrounds are interesting too – and let you remember where you were when the picture was taken.

13) If you’ve got an add-on flash unit that fits to the top of your camera – tip it towards the ceiling to “bounce” of the ceiling – it’s a much nicer light and also stops red-eye

14) See if you can find a plain wall as a background, doesn’t matter what color – but if you get a choice blue works best for faces. Look out for fire signs, plant pots, etc. Don’t stand the subject right against the wall though – the more space between your subject and the background the better.

15) Take a second picture straight after the first – often the moment when people relax after they think the picture has been taken is the best one.

Today’s woman wants to be sexy, sensual and show off her naughty side.



Boudoir photography is about exploring your sexy side whether for yourself or your partner and capturing this in some wonderful and beautiful images.

Boudoir photography is also known under several names: playboy style, glamor photography, Venus photography and “For His Eyes Only” are just some of them.

Boudoir photography Essex

They all come down to the same thing, you’re own private makeover and pampered photo-shoot at tmphotography. At Essex’s premier boudoir photography studio, you can look your best and naughtiest in a completely safe and professional environment.

Working to The British Institute of Professional Photography & The Master Photographers Association’s Code’s of conduct you just know you are in safe hands.  Our photographer Tony is fully CRB checked.

The result? A gallery of airbrushed and retouched images that you (and your partner) will treasure forever.
Boudoir photography Essex

You are in control of how rude and nude you want to be. For some women it’s their nicest lingerie for others it’s much more explicit. As your photographer I can tell you that I am un-shockable, I’ve seen it all.

Probably your first few minutes you will be nervous, after all this isn’t something you do every day of the week. But after just a short while you will find it a liberating and empowering experience.

Without exception all our clients leave the studio feeling more confident, relaxed and yet enpowered.

What ever your reason for wanting to do a Boudoir photoshoot,  it can be as simple as just the pure enjoyment, you will receive some great images that will bring back fond memories every time you look at them for years to come.

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